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1.jpgWhat are Thread Taps?

Thread taps are a special bit that can go into a drill or drill press. They can be used to cut into anything, but are normally used to cut into metal. Thread taps cut the ridges into whatever surface you need them to that hold the bolts to connect two things. Thread taps can be useful because they can allow you to manufacture your goods on your own instead of having a factory to it for you. This can save you time and money.

Choosing Thread Taps?

Thread taps come in three standard measurements. They come in Metric, UN, and Pipe thread. A metric spacing of the threads is slightly different than the UN. If you are located in the United States or you are going to be selling your product mainly there, then UN threads are probably going to be the most universal to your customers. If you are going to be selling your product anywhere else, then the metric thread taps are going to be your best option. Pipe threads are for connecting pipes or tubing together. It allows you to twist one end of a pipe into another and makes a solid connection that doesn’t leak. If you still don’t know what type thread to use, then use metric as a lot of people in the United States still have metric tools.

Why do you need Thread Taps?

Having your own set of thread taps makes it easy for you to manufacture things at home. It is especially helpful if you are developing your own prototype. By having your own thread taps it will save you time and money because thread taps are not all that expensive.


Using thread taps is not that hard, and once you know what type of thread to get it is really simple. By having your own thread taps your life will be much simpler when manufacturing things in your own workshop.

See Thread taps dies for more information.


Thread Taps Dies


Thread taps dies

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